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Moving in a hurry in San Francisco may sound complicated, but you can do it without too much stress. Whether you are moving out of your apartment at the last minute, or need to hire a moving company because the help you lined up isn’t going to work out, you can find the right vendor for your local move for the same day.

How can I find a same day mover in San Francisco?

Moving companies performing intrastate moves are regulated in California by the Bureau of Household Goods and Services, which has rules that protect consumers from fraud. Because you are looking for help at the last minute, you will need to be a little more careful. For example, the regulation stipulates that if you hire a mover three or more days ahead of the move, the company must provide you with a copy of its moving service agreement and a document called Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods (within California). But because you want same-day service, those requirements don’t apply. In that case, it is up to you to ask for the information. Do some research into the rules on what the companies can do, so you are not disadvantaged in talking to the vendors. The Bureau of Household Goods website is a great place to start. If you have referrals from family or friends of 24/7 movers who have provided exemplary service, check them out there.

When you contact a moving company about your move, ask them to come to your residence to estimate the move. This is actually a requirement and is necessary to assess the cost accurately. The mover should look at everything that you want to move before offering you a written quote. In California, verbal or online estimates are not allowed. Don’t overlook checking with the BHGS to verify that the company you are considering is licensed to do business and has a favorable safety and complaint record. Also, check the company out through the Better Business Bureau website. The BBB receives thousands of reviews—both positive and negative—from consumers about their experiences with moving companies. Unlike the possibly fabricated “reviews” that a company may post on its website, the BBB has valid consumer opinions. Most of the complaints involve interstate moving companies, but local vendors may be unscrupulous as well.

How much will a same day mover in San Francisco cost?

Your moving rates will depend on the size and other factors. Most local moves costs vary based on the amount of time that the mover predicts it will take to get the job done. In California, the mover must provide you with a written estimate that provides a “Not to Exceed” price. Once you have agreed on the shipment and the services, the mover can’t legally charge more than that amount. On average, San Francisco moving companies charge $120 per hour for two movers, $170 per hour for three movers, and over $200 per hour for four movers. The length of time that you need them depends on how much stuff you are moving and the complexity of the move—stairs, elevators, long carries, and parking issues are all obstacles to easy loading and unloading in the city. If you have heavy furniture, the moving company may charge more for some of the work or may need additional time to prepare some of the items. If you request a full-service move, including packing, the cost will be higher.

What if I have a small move?

Your same-day mover will likely have a minimum—at least two hours, and possibly four. If you only have a few items to move, but you don’t have time to shop around for a better deal, you could end up paying for more time than you need to. You may pay a premium for convenience, but if it is not peak moving season, you may be able to negotiate for a small move. High demand in the moving business runs from late spring through fall, since most people move during the summer months.

How do I protect myself from a scam when choosing a same day mover?

Use common sense when selecting a moving company. Don’t let the urgency lead you to lower your standards. Choose a company that is licensed and has been in business for a reasonable period. One tip-off for shady operators is that they lack a local address. If the company only has a PO Box, it might not be a good idea to do business with them. If the truck that shows up to do the work is a rental, not a company-owned vehicle with the business name on the side, be suspicious. You could be dealing with unskilled labor and a scam business. The biggest concern is a company that asks for a large cash deposit. Most moving companies require payment when the job is complete, and almost always accept credit cards. Paying before the work is finished is dangerous and paying in cash eliminates your ability to dispute the charges if something goes wrong.

What about insurance?

The moving company will provide you with three options for protecting the value of your household goods. There is basic coverage provided at no additional expense to you, which offers $0.60 per pound to repair or replace anything lost or damaged in your shipment. Sixty cents per pound doesn’t cover much, so you may want to consider the higher-level choices. Actual cash value coverage offers recovery at the current fair-market (depreciated) value of the item. Full value provides replacement coverage for anything in the shipment that is lost or damaged. The moving company discloses actual cash value and full value coverage costs in the moving agreement. Sometimes movers and packers won’t assume liability for damaged items inside a box if you packed the box unless the container is also damaged. This situation could be an issue since you are moving quickly, but just make sure you know what to expect when you talk to the vendor about the coverage. Once the delivery is complete, inspect the boxes and other items for damage promptly so you can report any issues.

Can I put my stuff into storage today?

If you are moving out of your house or apartment but haven’t secured your next residence yet, you may need to put your belongings into temporary storage. The local moving company you hire to help with loading up your moving boxes and furniture can secure storage and unload the shipment into the storage unit. The company will be able to deliver the cargo out of storage when you are ready. Talk to the moving company about the storage fees and how long you expect to need the facility. You will need to extend the insurance coverage for that time as well.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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