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If you’re considering making the move to Houston, you’re not alone. As a vibrant center for cultural, career, and ethnic diversity, Houston TX has seen rapid growth in recent years. It’s currently the fourth largest city in the United States and draws many due to its affordability and family-friendly atmosphere. In fact, an average of 251 people moves to Houston each day. If you’re thinking of joining that number, you’ll be sure to find a wonderful collection of food, culture, and entertainment.

The weather is warmer in Houston, the cost of living is lower, and the career opportunities are numerous. If you’re still unsure about whether or not the Bayou City is the best choice to settle down, we’ve gathered a list of the 9 best reasons why you should move to Houston.

  1. Job Opportunities

New York City is the only city that has more Fortune 500 companies than Houston, Texas – earning it a well-deserved spot as a hub in the corporate world. Houston is full of high-paying and highly-skilled jobs that span a number of high-demand industries including energy, healthcare, aerospace, and education. The area also houses one of the largest manufacturing infrastructures in the nation, in addition to the biggest medical campus in the world – the Texas Medical Center. Of course, Houston is also home to NASA’s Johnson Space Center and it’s no wonder the city has been given the nickname ‘Space City.’

In addition to the abundance of career opportunities available to individuals that are skilled and education, Houston offers an enriching environment for aspiring entrepreneurs. Forbes Magazine ranked Houston #10 on their list of Best Cities for Entrepreneurs, acknowledging the city’s culture of innovation.

  1. Affordable Cost of Living

When it comes to major cities, Houston is, arguably, one of the most affordable in the country. It is approximately thirteen percent cheaper to live in than Austin and has cost of living that is similar to the national average. Houston is significantly more affordable than many other major cities in the nation, including New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston. The largest expense for Houston residents tends to be housing, which is also on par with the national average. Though, it’s worth mentioning that transportation costs are somewhat expensive in Houston. This has to do with the fact that there are longer commutes and a lack of a strong public transportation structure in the city.

Pair an affordable cost of living with a median household income that is slightly above the national average, and you have a place that can effortlessly support both families and individuals that desire a better quality of life.

  1. No Income Tax

The fact that there is no income tax in Houston is one of the major benefits to living in the Space City. If you want to be able to bring home more of your hard-earned paycheck, then Houston might be the place to call home. Although the city does have a relatively steep sales tax (over eight percent), the money that you earn in your exciting new position will not be taxed by the city. Excellent wages, combined with no income tax also contribute to the reasonable cost of living in Houston.

  1. Outdoor Living at its Finest

If you’re looking for a place to get away from the cold, you’ll love life in Houston. There’s only about a week each year where temperatures dip below freezing overnight. In the summertime, temperatures can rise above 90 degrees. Though, the city is rated 73 on the comfort index, with most of its days sitting between a lovely 70- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit. The wonderful weather in Houston allows residents the chance to enjoy the abundance of outdoor attractions and activities year-round.

While Houston is a major metropolitan area and among the biggest cities in the United States, it has no shortage of green spaces. In fact, there are over 50,000 acres dedicated to parks throughout the city where families and individuals can run, walk, bike, relax, kayak, swim, and play. The city offers a plethora of places where you can get outdoors and find respite from the big city life.

  1. Attractions Galore

Another major reason why you should move to Houston is because of the hundreds of attractions available to enjoy within the city limits. From the Space Center, to the Zoo, to the Arboretum, and numerous other museums and entertainment venues, there’s truly something for everyone here. If you enjoy dance, live art installations, or live music, Houston has it! Basically, if there’s something you love to do, it’s highly likely that you’ll find it in Houston.

A 19-day festival that takes place every year, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is a must-visit. The event brings the entire city together to enjoy food stands, carnival rides and games, live concerts, and the quintessential exhibition of farm animals and cowboys. Odds are that this exciting annual event will turn into a family tradition

  1. Diversity

Back in 2012, Forbes magazine dubbed Houston “the coolest city in the United States” and this year it still ranks in the top five. Aside from numerous green spaces and an amazing food scene, the city is more ethnically and racially diverse than New York City. Nearly half of the Houston population speaks a different language other than English at home and just under 40% of the population is Anglo. As you might expect, over 70% of Houston’s foreign-born population hail from Latin America.

The city really is a wonderful melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, with diverse food, neighborhoods, and even clothing. With a median age of 33, Houston is a youthful and vivacious place that thrives on diversity.

  1. The Texas Lifestyle

Although Houston has all of the modern amenities that you’d expect in a major U.S. city, you can still find that iconic Texas lifestyle here. The area’s rich history, quintessential cowboy culture, and that good-old Southern hospitality runs deep in Houston. Various historic spots throughout the city, Texas bluebonnets, rodeos, and cowboy hats and boots are a major part of the city’s unique environment and add to its appeal.

  1. Sports, Sports, & More Sports

Whatever sport you enjoy, you’ll be able to find your new favorite hometown team here in Houston. From the NFL’s Texans to basketball’s Rockets, to baseball’s Astros and numerous professional men’s and women’s soccer teams, Houston has a bustling sports culture. There are even a number of universities and colleges in the area, offering the opportunity to cheer for a wide array of other athletic events – including track and field, gymnastics, swimming, and diving. Before you catch a game in Houston, you have plenty of amazing food choices available to you like local Tex-Mex favorites, barbecue, Czech kolaches, and so much more!

  1. Family Friendliness

It’s not often that you associate a major city with being family friendly. However, if you’re looking for the ideal place to raise a family, Houston should be at the top of your list. The city is full of tons of quiet, walkable, and safe neighborhoods and great schools. This, paired with an affordable cost of living make raising kids close to the hustle and bustle of the big city both possible and desirable.

When you include the numerous healthcare options throughout the city – such as the Children’s Hospital – tons of open, green areas, and endless family-friendly activities and events year-round, you and your family will absolutely thrive in Houston, Texas.

Houston is an incredibly place to call home and it’s no surprise that so many people are choosing to move here each year. If you’ve decided that Houston is the place for you, you’ll want to choose the team of professional movers that know the area well. Look no further than Three Men And A Truck for all of your Houston moving and storage needs.

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Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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