Cost of Movers U.K. to Ireland

Cost of Movers U.K. to Ireland


As international moves go, you can’t beat a move from the U.K. to Ireland. The cost is reasonable, and the special relationship between the two countries makes it even easier. By road, a full container can be shipped from the U.K.  to Ireland for as little as £1,500 – £2,200. Your belongings will arrive in Ireland within 2-4 days. By sea, a full container will cost £4,200 – £5,800 and take between 25-31 days to arrive. For obvious reasons, most people choose the former option.

Ireland and the United Kingdom’s fortunes are bound together in a way that even Brexit can’t tear apart. Sharing a Common Travel Area, the citizens of these two countries can live, work, and travel freely across their shared borders.

For the most part, your household goods can be imported to Ireland tax and duty-free.

Required Documents:

  • K. Passport
  • Bill of Lading if by land or sea
  • Air Waybill if by air
  • Form 1076
  • Comprehensive inventory, signed and dated
  • Proof of prior residence in the U.K. and new address in Ireland
  • Work Permit
  • Lease, rental agreement, or proof of home purchase in Ireland
  • Proof of 2 years of employment in Ireland

Moving a vehicle to Ireland

Thanks to the Common Travel Area, moving a vehicle to Ireland is pretty easy, too. You will need to be present for the customs declaration process and will be charged VAT at a rate of 21% and VRT (vehicle registration tax) when applicable. Residents of the U.K. should claim “preferential treatment” on their declarations.

The VRT is calculated based on your vehicle’s book value. It can be hard to know what your VRT will be ahead of time, so working with an overseas shipper is smart. An overseas shipper has the expertise to give you cost estimates you can count on.

Common Travel Area aside, if you plan to stay in Ireland for longer than six months, you should get your Irish driver’s license.

Three Men and a Truck

For those of us without the luck of the Irish, leaving your logistics of your international move to chance is a risky gamble. Customs regulations are complex, and accurately estimating costs can be impossible. Unexpected expenses occur that can sink your budget. Working with an international moving company like Three Men and a Truck will improve your luck considerably. With our deep expertise in international shipping and our extensive network of international shipping providers, we can help you achieve a perfect relocation. To learn more about how Three Men and a Truck can support your Irish dreams, contact us today for a free quote. You are under no obligation to work with us, so we will do everything we can to show you how stress-free your move can be.


Moves From UK to Ireland : Our Top Routes

We are one of the best international movers out there. We can help you relocate from anywhere in the UK to anywhere in Ireland. These are our popular routes connecting the UK and Ireland.

UK to Dublin

London to Dublin
Manchester to Dublin
Birmingham to Dublin
Leeds to Dublin
Glasgow to Dublin
Southampton to Dublin
Portsmouth to Dublin
Liverpool to Dublin
Newcastle to Dublin
Sheffield to Dublin
Belfast to Dublin
Brighton to Dublin
Leicester to Dublin
Edinburgh to Dublin
Bournemouth to Dublin
Cardiff to Dublin
Coventry to Dublin
Middlesbrough to Dublin
Stoke-on-Trent to Dublin
Reading to Dublin
Sunderland to Dublin
Bradford to Dublin
Northampton to Dublin
Plymouth to Dublin
Derby to Dublin

UK to Cork

London to Cork
Manchester to Cork
Birmingham to Cork
Leeds to Cork
Glasgow to Cork
Southampton to Cork
Portsmouth to Cork
Liverpool to Cork
Newcastle to Cork
Sheffield to Cork
Belfast to Cork
Brighton to Cork
Leicester to Cork
Edinburgh to Cork
Bournemouth to Cork
Cardiff to Cork
Coventry to Cork
Middlesbrough to Cork
Stoke-on-Trent to Cork
Reading to Cork
Sunderland to Cork
Bradford to Cork
Northampton to Cork
Plymouth to Cork
Derby to Cork

UK to Limerick

London to Limerick
Manchester to Limerick
Birmingham to Limerick
Leeds to Limerick
Glasgow to Limerick
Southampton to Limerick
Portsmouth to Limerick
Liverpool to Limerick
Newcastle to Limerick
Sheffield to Limerick
Belfast to Limerick
Brighton to Limerick
Leicester to Limerick
Edinburgh to Limerick
Bournemouth to Limerick
Cardiff to Limerick
Coventry to Limerick
Middlesbrough to Limerick
Stoke-on-Trent to Limerick
Reading to Limerick
Sunderland to Limerick
Bradford to Limerick
Northampton to Limerick
Plymouth to Limerick
Derby to Limerick

UK to Galway

London to Galway
Manchester to Galway
Birmingham to Galway
Leeds to Galway
Glasgow to Galway
Southampton to Galway
Portsmouth to Galway
Liverpool to Galway
Newcastle to Galway
Sheffield to Galway
Belfast to Galway
Brighton to Galway
Leicester to Galway
Edinburgh to Galway
Bournemouth to Galway
Cardiff to Galway
Coventry to Galway
Middlesbrough to Galway
Stoke-on-Trent to Galway
Reading to Galway
Sunderland to Galway
Bradford to Galway
Northampton to Galway
Plymouth to Galway
Derby to Galway

UK to Waterford

London to Waterford
Manchester to Waterford
Birmingham to Waterford
Leeds to Waterford
Glasgow to Waterford
Southampton to Waterford
Portsmouth to Waterford
Liverpool to Waterford
Newcastle to Waterford
Sheffield to Waterford
Belfast to Waterford
Brighton to Waterford
Leicester to Waterford
Edinburgh to Waterford
Bournemouth to Waterford
Cardiff to Waterford
Coventry to Waterford
Middlesbrough to Waterford
Stoke-on-Trent to Waterford
Reading to Waterford
Sunderland to Waterford
Bradford to Waterford
Northampton to Waterford
Plymouth to Waterford
Derby to Waterford

UK to Drogheda

London to Drogheda
Manchester to Drogheda
Birmingham to Drogheda
Leeds to Drogheda
Glasgow to Drogheda
Southampton to Drogheda
Portsmouth to Drogheda
Liverpool to Drogheda
Newcastle to Drogheda
Sheffield to Drogheda
Belfast to Drogheda
Brighton to Drogheda
Leicester to Drogheda
Edinburgh to Drogheda
Bournemouth to Drogheda
Cardiff to Drogheda
Coventry to Drogheda
Middlesbrough to Drogheda
Stoke-on-Trent to Drogheda
Reading to Drogheda
Sunderland to Drogheda
Bradford to Drogheda
Northampton to Drogheda
Plymouth to Drogheda
Derby to Drogheda

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

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