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The first question people ask when moving overseas is what does it cost? A long trek from Sydney, Australia to Lisbon, Portugal will cost between $11,600-$15,700  and the trip will take 6-8 weeks. A shorter journey from New York to Lisbon will cost between $6,900-$9,200 and take between 4-6 weeks. But don’t get too excited. Shipping container costs are only half the story. You will likely need to arrange for some overland transport in both your home and destination countries, and there will be transfer fees, storage fees, taxes, and more.

If you’d like to get a firm number for your expenses, work with overseas moving company. They will be able to provide you with an inclusive quote to help you avoid surprises.

What do I need to know about household imports to Portugal?

When it comes to importing household goods to Portugal, the timing is really important. Your shipment must arrive in Portugal within three months of your arrival in the country. Your shipments will be carefully inspected and checked against the packing lists you provide. If you intend to receive more than one shipment, you must present the inventory for all future shipments when your first shipment clears customs.

If you have owned the goods for at least six months, you will not owe customs duty or taxes. However, any items imported tax free cannot be sold or disposed of in any way for at least one year after your arrival. All shipments must be cleared through the same Customs office.

Also, if you don’t want to raise any concerns with customs officials, make sure that your shipment matches up with your socioeconomic status. If you are a school-teacher importing a container full of Rolexes, you can expect to be asked some additional questions.

Here are some of the documents you need:

  • Detailed, box-by-box inventory with serial numbers and estimated values for your goods
  • Portuguese residence permit
  • Proof of employment
  • Declaration forms ( There are several forms you must sign and attest to for your imports. Remember that these are legally-binding documents.)
  • Valid passport notarized by an official in Portugal

Am I allowed to bring my private vehicle to Portugal?

You are welcome to bring your private vehicle to Portugal if you intend to be there for at least six months. Customs officials will base the taxes and customs duty owned based on their assessment of the value of your car. To facilitate this process, make sure that you send information about your vehicle to customs before it arrives. Among other documents, customs officials are going to want to see the information you shared about your move, such as your residence permit and passport, in addition to vehicle specific documents such as a Certificate of Title and proof of purchase.

Who do I call for help with my overseas move?

Three Men and a Truck are overseas moving specialists. Whether you are bringing everything you own, or just a few cherished items, we can provide you with the help you need to get it there safely. To learn more about our full suite of relocation services, contact us for a free shipping quote today.

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