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If your job has you relocating, it’s not going to be something you can do overnight but more like a few days or even weeks. The costs associated with relocation can be very expensive if you have to pay for it. Many people choose two men and one truck to move for them. Hiring two men and one truck to move everything for you will save you time and the hassle of doing it by yourself. So what is involved in the rates from them?

Why You Need Two Guys and A Truck

Moving can be stressful, especially if you have never handled a large-scale move on your own before. Why do you need the moving services of Two Guys and A Truck?

Peace of Mind

Professional movers know all the ins and outs of facilitating a move, something you may not have any knowledge about. They make sure your belongings are safe and accounted for during every step of the moving process.

Efficiency and Speed

When you hire Two Guys and A Truck as your professional moving company, you don’t have to worry if your items will get to their destination on time. Our experienced moving professionals provide efficient moving services that are both fast and reliable – you won’t find a better combination anywhere else!

Hands-free moving experience

You don’t have to lift a finger during your move, except to tell us where you want something in your new home. We take care of all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on other, more important matters.

Unbeatable pricing

Two Men and A Truck aren’t just leaders in the moving industry. We are affordable leaders in the industry. We provide all the same moving services without hurting your moving budget.

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Why wouldn’t you want to use a leader in the moving industry to make your move stress-free? Two Guys and A Truck give you all you could ever want in a moving service – affordable pricing and professional reliability. You can’t find that anywhere else!

Hourly Rates Of Two Movers And a Truck

When you call us for a quote on two men and a moving truck, we will provide you with an estimate based on how much time we need to complete the work if the job is local. We use an hourly rate that depends on the prevailing labor costs in the area, but usually, it’s between $80 and $100 per hour. That price includes the truck, so it’s a great deal. If we need more workers, the cost could be higher per hour.

So, let’s say that we need 4 hours to load up the boxes and furniture from your house, an hour of driving time, and three hours to unload at the destination. That’s a total of eight hours for a base cost of $800. There may be some other fees that we have to include (if you have some obstacles like stairs or bulky items), but that is the hourly rate.

Remember, these costs will be detailed in your estimate, along with the insurance choices and anything else that you add. If you request packing service, the hourly price for that will be much less, but it will take longer. Our packing specialists’ service bills for between $25 and $35 per hour. The good news is that these packers are outstanding at what they do. When you hire packers, they are efficient, and they take care to safeguard everything they pack. But that will add fifteen or twenty hours to the job, depending on how much stuff you have.

2 Movers And A Truck - Full Service Moving

Is packing and moving not something you enjoy? What if Two Guys and A Truck could make your move run smoother, and you wouldn’t have to lift a finger? Introducing – Two Guys and A Truck’s line of full moving services to make your move easier.

With our full moving services package, we bring the boxes, the packers, and the manpower to get you packed and moved without delay. Learn more about the different services we offer below!


Moving with Two Guys and A Truck

Whether your relocation has you moving across town, across the country, or around the world, Two Guys and A Truck have the services you need to get there. You don’t have to try and handle a massive move on your own, not with our experts on your side.

Two Dudes And a Truck For Local Moves

Using a moving company for a move that only takes you across town can be just as rewarding and beneficial as movers who take your belongings across the country. Why do you think that is?

Some cities can be huge, with several starts and stops. These starts and stops are no different than driving thousands of miles across the country. In fact, your items are more likely to be damaged if you move them yourself locally.

Professional local moving companies know how to fill their truck and adequately secure your boxes. If you have them pack for you, your items are likely to be even safer during transport. Why wouldn’t you choose Two Guys and A Truck for a move like this?

Moving Across TownWith Two Guys And a Truck Moving Company

While local moves aren’t as disruptive to your life as long distance moves can be, they aren’t easy, either. You still have a lot of work to do, and the bottom line is that everything you own has to get from one place to another. It just spends less time in the truck. It makes sense to hire a mover for a move across town, and the good news is that it costs much less than moving long distance.

If you handle the packing on your own, you may be able to move for under $1,000 (depending on how much stuff you need to move, of course.) Most of a local move price is labor, so our estimate will reflect how much time we need to load and unload the truck, plus the driving time. If you have a steep driveway, stairs, or an elevator, the cost can be higher. Bulky or awkward items will add to the price, but our moving specialist will explain these things when developing your estimate.

Insurance is vital for local moves also, and if you are short on time, ask for a quote on packing services.

three-man-shiping-cases-studies (6)

Long-Distance Moving

Moving to the next state or across the country can be an enormous undertaking if you try to do it independently. Did you know that your moving truck may need to use the weigh stations along the way to its destination? Not every state requires this, but trucks have to be under a set weight to travel on the interstates.

Your long-distance movers with a truck know this, which is why we make sure you have the right sized truck and the right professionals for your move. Don’t let a long-distance move intimidate you. We have the expertise to handle it – start to finish!

International and Overseas Moving

Do you believe that your moving company should be with you every step of your moving journey? Two Guys and A Truck has the very same principle – we won’t leave you stranded at the port.

International and overseas moving require a lot of paperwork. There are also fees and other taxes you may be required to pay upon your goods’ entry on top of the paperwork. Do you know what all this entails? Your Two Guys and A Truck movers do!

Apartment Movers

Specialty Moving Services

Not all moves are cut and dry. Sometimes you might need specialty services, like heavy equipment or furniture moving, but aren’t sure where to look. Lucky for you, Two Guys and A Truck know how to do more than just haul your stuff.

Apartment Movers

Apartment Movers

Are you moving into an apartment that requires your belongings to be moved up several flights of stairs? Stairwells don’t scare us. We actually enjoy the challenge! So if you need to have your sleeper sofa or sectional maneuvered up ten flights of stairs, we can pivot unlike you have ever seen before (even on TV)!

Packing and Unpacking Services

What if we told you we could pack, move, and unpack your belongings? You don’t have to worry about making sure your boxes aren’t too heavy or that something will break because you didn’t secure it correctly.

When you take advantage of our packing and unpacking services, we bring the boxes and packing materials and clean them up after they have been moved. All you need to do is take an inventory of what you are moving to have peace of mind and tell us where you want things! We literally take care of the rest.

How to Wrap Furniture for Moving

Furniture Moving

Furniture can be bulky, heavy, and awkward to move. Some furniture may even require that it be taken apart to move it – we do that. We can disassemble and reassemble your furniture, moving it the way it should be, reducing the risk of damage. We even have the ability to accommodate heavy and oversized items like safes and pianos.

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Furniture Rearranging

You might not think of calling us to rearrange your furniture, but it’s a great idea. If you want a new look but you aren’t physically able (or willing) to take on the task of moving heavy furniture around, call us. Our helpful crew will move the furniture as many times as you want until you are satisfied with the arrangement. Asking your friends or family to move the desk and sofa ten times will not improve your popularity, but our team will smile and keep saying yes.

Perhaps you have a new piece that you want to highlight with a new placement, or you just need things moved for a special event or repairs and construction. We have a minimum time requirement, but we may be flexible if it isn’t the busy season.

Auto Transport Services and Your Move

During your move, you may require that your car gets transported to your new residence. Maybe you think that you will need a separate company to handle this task for you. Nope! Two Guys and A Truck can help you get your car to your new residence while we move your belongings! What could be better than a packaged deal?


Prices and How to Understand their Rates

You have probably been worried about what all these services will cost you and your moving budget. You can rest assured that Two Guys and A Truck have affordable solutions that won’t break the bank or use up all of your moving budget. Take a look at some of the common pricing you might see when moving.

Every company that is in the moving business will give you different pricing for each job and that’s because no two jobs are the same. On average, you can expect the moving process to run between $80 and $100 per hour. If you prefer to hire the moving assistants and a truck, you can expect to pay $15 to $20 per hour. Factors that influence the cost of moving per company is one, the company that is giving you the quote and the time of year you plan to move. If you want to move on the weekends instead of the week, you can expect to pay more. The prices are also going to be higher if you choose to move during the summer months instead of the cold winter. That’s because summertime is when most people decide to move.

Travel time is also included in quotes from two men and a truck as this is very important. You can expect the total amount of time plus one hour of time for traveling to your home to be included in the quote. How many people will it take to move you? You will need to ask the moving company about what they consider enough people to help move you after they hear about where you are moving to and where you live now. They can help you determine how many people will be needed to move you successfully and efficiently.

packing for a move

Pricing for Packing and Unpacking

When you opt to use a professional packing service to pack and unpack your belongings, they are typically paid by the hour. You can expect to pay around $25 to $30 an hour per packing specialist. The number of hours will depend on the amount you have to be packed and moved.

The nice thing about these services is that you don’t have to worry about purchasing supplies. Moving supplies alone can be expensive, your packing professionals will bring their own materials, and they will clean up when they unpack, too!

Storage Options

Some circumstances might cause you to need temporary storage options for some or all of your household goods. Suppose you are moving into a custom-built home, but you must leave your old house before the new one is ready? If you move into temporary housing due to the delay, you may want to place your household items in storage.

Another possibility is when you move to a whole new area and take a while to figure out what neighborhood to settle in. It makes sense to wait before committing to a particular location. Finally, if you are moving into a smaller space, you may simply not have enough room for everything that you had in your prior residence.

If you need storage for any reason, talk to us. We have safe, secure storage facilities for your use. We can deliver part or all of your shipment into storage and keep it there as long as necessary. When you are ready for delivery, we will schedule that.

Auto Transport Pricing

Your auto transport will be priced based on a few factors—your car’s weight and the distance it needs to go. When giving you your quote, our specialists will ask you the year, make, and vehicle model. The reason for doing this is because this information can determine an idea of the weight.


Moving Coupons

Weekday Special: 20% off any move scheduled Monday through Friday. This offer good only October through April. Customer must mention coupon when scheduling service.

One month free storage with full service move. When we move your household goods into storage, the first month is free with a 3 month commitment.

Free Quote for Two Movers And a Truck

When you go online or call our toll-free number (888-908-6496) for a quote, it is free. We won’t charge you to get a quote, and no company should! Click here to start your FREE quote!

When you receive a quote from Two Men and One Truck, you will most likely be quoted cost per hour and they are only available for local moves. If you want to go long distances, you will be quotes based on the base volume, the weight, and the number of items you will be relocating.

How to Make the Best Moving Experience

Some people don’t move very often and may be dreading the experience. For others, a fresh start is an exciting opportunity. Not surprisingly, looking forward to the move makes it more likely that the event will proceed smoothly. Hiring a good mover also increases the chances for a positive outcome, so be diligent in your selection process.

Choosing a moving company that you trust will improve the overall experience. That’s one reason why it’s a good idea to select from movers registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (particularly for interstate moves) and research the company a bit on your own. Read some online reviews and ask for references.

Take the time to understand the moving industry vocabulary to make informed decisions about services you need and insurance coverage options. You are far less likely to be victimized by a moving fraud if you know what to look for.

How you prepare for the move will also impact the process and your stress level. Don’t wait too long to get started. Book the work as soon as possible, particularly if you are moving in the busy summer season. Start sorting through your closets, cupboards, storage, and garage areas when you can, so it isn’t an overwhelming task at the end.

If you can start packing things you don’t need all the time (think off-season clothing, sports equipment, and holiday supplies, for example), you will gain a huge feeling of accomplishment with each completed carton. Packing is an excellent opportunity to reduce the total load. If you can decrease your shipment’s weight by disposing of things you no longer use, you will lower the move’s price and start in your new home with less excess stuff to unpack.

Tips For Moving With 2 Guys And A Van Movers

Before you call, read reviews and make sure that you are happy with the company that you hire. You can see reviews online about the moving company and where they have moved people to and how customers rate their service and interaction with the movers. If you have any questions about the cost involved in your moving costs, you need to ask them before the move begins. Make sure that the moving company that you hire, is licensed for moving which will protect you if you choose them to move your items.

Consider the possibilities of moving yourself if you didn’t have the help of a company working with you. List the advantages and disadvantages of moving yourself or hiring a company to do it for you. Make sure you understand the costs of moving including those that don’t stand out that well. Go over every fee to determine why you are being charged that fee. Consider every flight of stairs your items will need to go down or up. If you are moving to or from the second floor, you will need to take everything up or down those stairs which can be difficult to do with some furniture pieces, especially valuables. Not to mention how exhausted it will make those who are working. Packing and unpacking, labeling boxes, and loading and unloading those boxes on the truck can make it difficult to handle if there is stairs involved.

moving supplies


Two Guys and a Truck saved the day for my family. We rented a truck and thought we could make this small apartment move by ourselves. It was a disaster, and because we had to be out of our old place, we didn’t know what to do when we realized we needed help. Lucky for us, Two Guys was able to fit us in the next day. They never acted like we were a last-minute addition—they handled everything so professionally I wanted to cry. What a relief. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Julie H.

Two Guys and a Truck is the best moving company I have ever used. My husband is a marine, so we have been moved all over, and something always goes wrong—always! But this time, I felt like royalty. I had everything ready, and they were so nice and friendly. I wasn’t thrilled about this move, so having the guys making jokes while they did the work was a blessing. But they took their job seriously, and everything was loaded and unloaded like clockwork. Everything ended up in the right place; nothing was broken or lost—I just can’t believe how organized and thoughtful they were.

Sandra P.

I hired Two Guys and a Truck for a small business move, and I was super impressed. I was nervous because I have some equipment that I’m very picky about and I had not moved it since the manufacturer delivered it. But these guys were amazing. I had the specialist come ahead of time to assess the move (which some movers won’t do) and talk about the logistics. I’m so glad they came because they had a detailed plan for moving my scopes to the new space securely. And it was over almost before I had time to stress out. I couldn’t ask for a better team. I will be recommending Two Guys to anyone I know who needs to move.

Scott L.

I had to move for work, which meant I had a budget, and Two Guys and a Truck really helped me make the most of it. I wanted to be able to get everything done without using any of my money, and they showed me how to do that but still included the packing, which saved me tons of time. I don’t know if all your crews are this helpful and professional, but these guys were really nice. I wasn’t expecting the level of service they provided, so I have to give them an A+!

Alex C.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend is a moving professional and relocation expert that has more than 10 years of experience in the moving industry. With a background that includes working in virtually every aspect of the company, he has distinguished himself as an integral part of our operations with expertise in all things related to moving.

If you have any questions about moving, our services, or anything else you think he may be able to help with, you can contact Chris by emailing him at

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