Average Cost of Moving to Canada

Average Price of Moving to Canada

Average Cost of Moving to Canada

Average Cost of Moving to Canada

Are you trying to become a Canadian? Do you need to know the average cost of moving to Canada so you can make your plans? The average cost is helpful, but you should always run the numbers based on your specific situation.

Immigrating to Canada is still more affordable than other places. According to CanadianVisa.org, you need to pay for all of the following to immigrate to Canada:

  • Settlement Funds for Express Entry
  • Visa Application Fees
  • Processing Fees

Along with these costs, you will also need to pay for a new place to live and actual moving expenses. Let’s look at the actual average cost of moving to Canada based on a few major locations.

Average Cost to Move to Canada with Container Shipping

If you use container shipping without any add-ons, you can move to Canada from New York or Los Angeles for the following costs:

  • From New York to Vancouver – $2,575 to $2,850
  • From New York to Halifax – $450 to $500
  • From New York to Montreal – $425 to $475
  • From Los Angeles to Halifax – $2,650 to $2,930
  • From Los Angeles to Montreal – $2,485 to $2,745
  • From Los Angeles to Vancouver – $515 to $565

This is based on a three-bedroom home and the average rates from SeaRates.com as of October 2019. This average cost of moving to Canada won’t include door-to-door delivery, packing and unpacking services, or additional insurance.

Other Costs to Consider When Moving to Canada

When you plan to move to Canada, you also need to consider your own transportation costs and the costs you might deal with when it comes to pets. You might need to get certain treatments before your pet will be able to pass over the border into Canada. In addition, you have to pay for fuel and transportation costs for yourself and your family.

If you’re moving with a vehicle, you need to consider the costs to move your vehicle to Canada. Make sure you understand what to expect at the border as you will need to pay to import your vehicles into Canada.

Ways to Move to Canada and the Cost

The most common way to move to Canada is as a skilled worker. The visa you will need or work permit comes at a cost of $650 to $1,300. Another option is express entry, which is a pathway to permanent residence. This pathway can cost between $10K and $15K per person.

It’s not exactly easy or possible to just show up in Canada and find a job and home. You will likely need to spend some cash to find a job and a home. This could include plane tickets and other costs, which can add up rather fast.

It’s hard to pin down an average cost to move to Canada from the United States. It depends on where you’re moving from and where you’re moving to, along with how you move to Canada. The cost can vary quite a bit and it’s very difficult to use an average cost of moving to Canada to set your own budget.

Written by Chris Townsend

Chris Townsend

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